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Allied Nippon Rewards

Football World Cup rewards programme

Allied Nippon is a global braking specialist, founded in 1982 it has specialised in OE and aftermarket braking products.

Allied Nippon wanted to join in on the fun of the Football World Cup last year and decided to run a massive competition for their customers. Their goal was to leave a voucher code in every product they sold for customers to redeem online to collect prizes.

We worked with them to build a backend to work with the frontend design they had made and built a voucher generator which generated over 150k unique voucher codes, all of which were exported to a PDF template. The prizes were then randomly allocated to a number of the vouchers and were then sent out.

The system was simple to use for the customer, after registering they were presented with the main code checker. 

On the backend, more prizes could be allocated and new prizes could be added to new voucher codes or existing voucher codes at random.

Allied Nippon were then able to view any prize wins and get in contact with the customers. They could communicate with the winners via the website which helped keep information in one place. The site also allowed the team to export the orders to a spreadsheet with ease.

One of the cooler features on this site was that for every 10 codes a customer redeemed, they would win a football.

The website also made use of email notifications so that the team were kept in the loop when a someone had won.

Unfortunately, with the World Cup long gone, the site is no longer in use but we'd love to build you something similar, so please get in touch.